Humlelusern Medicago lupulina L. Klotlusern Medicago murex Willd. Tagglusern Medicago polymorpha L. Rynklusern Medicago rugosa Desr. Blålusern 


Tagglusern (Medicago polymorpha) är en växtart i familjen ärtväxter. Kronbladen är gula. Referenser[redigera | redigera wikitext]. Noter[redigera | redigera 

It is native to the Mediterranean basin but is found throughout the world. It forms a symbiotic relationship with the bacterium Sinorhizobium medicae , which is capable of nitrogen fixation . Medicago polymorpha is a herbaceous legume that is native to western and central Asia and countries around the Mediterranean, and has been introduced widely around the world. It is found in particular in regions with a Mediterranean climate, but is by no means confined to them.

Medicago polymorpha

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Medicago polymorpha L. var. arabica L. [bas.][more info]. Medicago polymorpha L. var. ciliaris L. [bas.][more info]. Medicago polymorpha L. var. coronata L. [bas.]  Tagglusern (Medicago polymorpha) är en växtart i familjen ärtväxter.

Medicago agrestis Ten. (=Medicago rigidula (L.) All.) Medicago apiculata Willd. (=Medicago polymorpha L. var. brevispina (Benth.) Heyn); Medicago apiculata 

OXALIS corniculata . PIMPINELLA Anisum .

habit and habitat--Medicago polymorpha, like all species of Medicago in Texas, is an introduced Eurasian annual that frequents disturbed areas, particularly 

Medicago polymorpha

Utforska mer: Artbestämning. 506Fyndkarta. Rapportera fynd. Lägg till Mina arter. NA. Rödlistning 2020 Medicago polymorpha L. Ordning: Fabales ärtordningen; Familj: Fabaceae ärtväxter; Släkte: Medicago luserner; Art: Medicago polymorpha tagglusern.

Medicago polymorpha

Medicago polymorpha 2008 Steve Matson. Medicago polymorpha 2003 Michael Charters. Etymology: Medicago derived from medike, or medick, the Greek name for alfalfa, while polymorpha means many forms, or variable. Synonyms: Medicago  Medicago polymorpha (bur clover) is an annual broad leaf plant which inhabits The allelopathic potential of Medicago species has been previously reported  Vascular Plants » Dicots » Fabaceae » Medicago: Page authors: Don Knoke, David Giblin. Medicago polymorpha. bur-clover, toothed medic, smooth medic.
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Rank Scientific Name and Common Name; Kingdom: Plantae – Plants Subkingdom: Tracheobionta 2021-03-01 Tagglusern Medicago polymorpha L. Vetenskapliga synonym: M. denticulata Willd., M. hispida Gaertn., M. nigra Krock. Svenska synonym: kroklusern, tagglucern Kroksnigleskolm Krog-Sneglebælg Piikkimailanen Toothed Medick Rauher Schneckenklee Beskrivning.

var. vulgaris Benth., Cat. Pyr. 103 (1826); M. reticulata Benth., Starr-150326-0760-Medicago polymorpha-habit-Town Sand Island-Midway Atoll (25238832536).jpg 4,608 × 3,456; 5.96 MB Starr-150326-0761-Medicago polymorpha-flowers leaves-Town Sand Island-Midway Atoll (24634479914).jpg 4,608 × 3,456; 5.47 MB 2011-06-08 · The saponin composition of leaves from the Medicago polymorpha cultivars 'Santiago' and 'Anglona' belonging to the botanical varieties brevispina and vulgaris, respectively, was investigated by a combination of chromatographic, spectroscopic, and spectrometric techniques. Medicago polymorpha var. brevispina Medicago polymorpha Linnaeus, var.
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Medicago polymorpha (California burclover) is a perennial/annual forb/herb (family Fabaceae) found throughout California in disturbed areas such as pastures, roadsides and vacant lots. Although it is considered good forage for livestock in pastures, it can out-compete native species in natural areas.

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8 Jan 2013 Observation - Medicago polymorpha - Southern Africa. Description:

A autoridade científica da espécie é L. , tendo sido publicada em Species Plantarum 2: 779. 1753. Os seus nomes comuns são carrapiço , carriço , luzerna , luzerna-preta ou trevo-preto . Burr medic (Medicago polymorpha) has hairless (i.e. glabrous) stems and leaves. Its flowers are borne in small clusters, each containing 2-10 flowers. The coiled fruit (4-11 mm across) are covered in slender spines, or they are occasionally spineless and have a bumpy (i.e.

Media in category "Medicago polymorpha" The following 46 files are in this category, out of 46 total. Burr Medic (Medicago polymorpha) (9642669889).jpg 3,968 × 1,829; 6.29 MB

Synonym till: Medicago turbinata (L.) All. Medicago agrestis Ten. (=Medicago rigidula (L.) All.) Medicago apiculata Willd. (=Medicago polymorpha L. var. brevispina (Benth.) Heyn); Medicago apiculata  Bild - foto av Tagglusern (Medicago polymorpha).

lappacea (Desr.) Ball, 1878 Medicago denticulata var Medicago polymorpha is a plant of the temperate to subtropical zones, where it can be found at elevations up to 1,900 metres. It grows best in areas where annual daytime temperatures are within the range 15 - 25°c, but can tolerate 4 - 30°c Media in category "Medicago polymorpha" The following 46 files are in this category, out of 46 total. Burr Medic (Medicago polymorpha) (9642669889).jpg 3,968 × 1,829; 6.29 MB 2011-06-08 Medicago polymorpha L. Bur clover, Bur medic, California burclover. Medicago polymorpha, a dicot, is an annual herb that is not native to California. Cal-IPC rating: Limited Plant Range. Observation Search (3487 records) Plant Characteristics.